We at 1 Stop Letting understand that some landlords want to and enjoy managing a property themselves. Having said that the work can be at times difficult and time consuming, and so you may wish to select (Pick & Mix) some of our services which are designed and available to support you in managing the property and tenancy yourself.


  • This is a highly detailed document containing a full inventory of the property, condition and cleanliness report and high-resolution photos
  • Two bound paper copies are provided, along with a PDF version and high resolution full size photos
  • Professional and prompt service

Periodic Inspections

  • We can attend the property at any time throughout the tenancy to carry out an inspection.
  • Detailed property inspection report provided.

Check-Out Inspection

  • We can attend the property, ideally with the tenant, on the last day of the tenancy to carry out a Move Out/Check Out Inspection.
  • A detailed Check Out report provided with photographs.

Tenancy Agreements

  • We can draw up AST’s (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) Agreements, as well as Deeds of Guarantee’s, Lodger Agreements etc. to suit your need.

Deposit Registration

  • Usually carried out with a Tenancy Agreement, we can collect and register the deposit with your preferred scheme, providing the tenant with all the required paperwork such as a Prescribed Information Certificate, and later transfer it into your account for control.